What is Career Guidance and Support?

A career guidance and support system assists people with a variety of issues related to their careers. It helps people select careers, determining the best educational qualifications and training required for specific job positions, and aiding those who are seeking to change careers or jobs. This includes job search assistance and guidance on how to improve abilities for workers already in a certain career.

The process of career guidance begins with identifying the needs of each individual. This may include an assessment of the strengths and capabilities that a person has and also consider their character and interests. It can help people comprehend their career options and compare them with their skills, preferences, and aspirations.

Individuals who seek guidance and support typically seek it out because they want to change their career path or climb up the ladder of career. It could be because they are bored of their current job, or they believe they’re qualified to get a job, but aren’t able to find one.

For those who are contemplating changing jobs, a career counselor can assist in identifying their transferable abilities and review various job descriptions to determine the most suitable job. They can also provide support by providing training and preparation for interviews by conducting mock interviews and work simulations to give individuals the opportunity to test out various career options before making a decision.



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